Monday, August 15, 2011

To Err is Divine

How often do we make a mistake? All the time. Like this one time, I was chatting up a girl at the bar, and then I spilled my drink all over her. And then, this other time, I was, you know, supposed to do this at work, but then ended up doing the opposite, and got so grilled by my boss.

Good! You are a fumbling fool. But that's not the kind of mistakes you should be making. Be an imbecile all you want, but don't screw up on chances to screw up. The mistakes you should be making in life are the ones that you can see from a mile ahead. Something that you can anticipate.

'Anticipatory mistakes? What are those?,' one wonders.

Situation 1. Should I? Should I not? Why kill a poor flower that was happily living under the sun so that you can solve your life's dilemmas? Situation 2. Why spin a bottle over and over again, when you could have had your tongue down her throat at the first place. Situation everyone. Why shun away from doing something thinking that this day in that year these things would happen and these people would be hurt. If you can predict so far ahead, add me on Facebook, Mr. Nostradamus. I'd love to be your friend.

Brain is designed to solve. Solve what? Problems. What kind of problems? Problems that can be solved. Explain?

Problem that can be solved:
10 = 2 + x
Ans: 8

Problems that cannot be solved:
Possible answers: Many (I know it's a finite number, I am just too lazy to know)

If you'd throw a molotov cocktail at your professor's residence had he put the second one in your exam sheet, ask yourself this. Will you know the results of your actions? No. Then what stops you from doing it? You... don't... know?

Of course you do. You are scared. It's like horror movies. Where the scariest part is not the monster itself, but the dark staircase that leads up to it. Or the possibility of it. What does that teach us?

Climb the stair as fast as you fucking can.

Or in other words, make mistakes. Don't be scared of the unknown future. You think you have it all covered. But as you get ready to go pick up that thing from that store in your neighbourhood, know that there's a truck driver who's just slept with a whore, feels terrible about cheating on his wife, and had a bottle of rum neat, driving a monster truck that CAN get you.

If nothing else, there's one thing that mistakes attest to. It's that you had attempted something. Failed at it spectacularly too. But hell, at least you can go to sleep knowing that you had acted and not just contemplated.