Friday, September 16, 2011

Jun Miyake 1 - 0 Internet

It's been a relatively easy way all this while. Find a new artist. Search if they are up on Buy it from there. Or go the piracy route. iTunes music is not available in India. So there is no way I can legally buy great international music sitting in India.

So far it's worked fabulously. Smokey Bandits. Friendly Fires. Philip Glass & Pt. Ravishankar. Kode9. Whatever music I've liked, I had so far been able to source it somehow (illegally most of the time) from the internet.

But now I have come to a dead end.

Enter Pina trailer.

The music is tremendous. Artist is Jun Miyake and the track is 'Lilies in the Valley'.

And so I head down the regular route. Torrents was the first place I checked. No luck. Then I went to regular web search for 320kbps album rips. No luck there either.And last I checked Both the Jun Miyake titles are out of stock and costs well over 1000 rupees.

I accept defeat. So if someone knows or stumbles on a link from which I can download Jun Miyake's music, I will be much indebted. Non-monetarily, of course.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Kamikaze Smartphone

Oh I love you, you big screened monolith of human advancement.
Designed to look sleek, while crunching numbers behind it
So I can flip birds to break structures into smaller bits.

I figure my way out through crowded streets
Thanks to your relationship with satellites.
But before I can say, 'Honey, you truly do a job commendable'
You run out and die on me saying battery unstable.

And the way you do it, when you reach your end
Haven't you heard about sleeping into oblivion?
Why is your style more out with a bang and not something a tad subtler?

You remind me of those crazy Jap fighters
Yes. Kamikaze.
That's what they called them.

You blink your LEDs and stutter and do the vibrate things.
You make a sound like you are shrieking to be saved.
When all you could've done was take it easy, save some battery
And maybe you could've lived to comment on my thank you speech delivery.

Well I guess it's your style that you wanna be a drama queen
But it spares me no frowns that it comes so soon without you being near.

Well I guess tomorrow your sister would be by my side.
Newer. Smarter. Thinner.
But put her legs into the grave and
She'll be a crazy Jap suicide bomber,